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PCE Europe Encounter Group

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Event details

Start date
May 13, 2023
Not for profit

Opening up to individual members is the first step of PCE Europe to live up to our name "European Network ..." not only at the level of organisations but also at the level of living persons. And of course a core part of our approaches is to encounter each other. Consequently PCE Europe wants to create a framework that facilitates contact and exchange between our international colleagues – the “Encounter Group of PCE Europe”.

What is it?
An opportunity for our community to meet. We think of this space as a frame where we can meet as a group and then know each other individually at a deeper level and in a more personal way.

We are aware that our community grows and an encounter group where we can come together and share ourselves, where we can listen, collaborate and create a community is something we want to keep an eye on.

At the moment we have monthly online encounters over two hours via Zoom. If the opportunity arises, e.g. during a symposium, face-to-face encounters may also be possible. Let's find our way together....

If you are interested in participating please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.