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Experiential Group for Qualified Therapists

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Event details

Start date
May 06, 2023
End date
May 27, 2023
10am to 4pm
13 Smith's Place, Edinburgh, EH6 8NT
Wheelchair accessible?
£225 with 2 concession places at £150 (for all 4 days)
the art of us
For profit

The experiential group runs on 4 consecutive Saturdays in May 2023 with the same group of participants each week. There will be between 8 and 12 participants plus 2 facilitators. It is an opportunity to spend a substantial time together in an environment where different kinds of meeting with self and other may be possible. There are two distinct parts to each Saturday:

10 - 11 Embodied Session Exploratory practices to support you in becoming more embodied, individually and in relation with others. Practices include some of the following: simple movement, imagery and visualisation, somatic journalling, embodied boundaries, and parts mapping. 
11.15 - 4 Relational Space A lightly facilitated group focused on here-and-now being and relating. An invitation to play, stretch and wonder about your ways of being with others.
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