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Subscription Plans

If you are currently practising in the person centred approach.

Duration: 1 Year
Price: £40.00

If you are currently on a Person Centred training course which is recognised by the Association or accredited by BACP and has a Person Centred core model.

Duration: 1 Year
Price: £12.00

If you are not currently practising but your professional and/or personal interest is consistent with the Person Centred Approach.

Duration: 1 Year
Price: £24.00

If you were previously a Practitioner member but not currently practicing.

Duration: 1 Year
Price: £24.00
  • PCT Scotland Membership

There's lots of benefits in joining PCT Scotland, including:

  • participate in all PCT Scotland events;
  • receipt of all PCT Scotland mailings;
  • inclusion in the PCT Scotland brochure / website advertising counsellor availability;
  • able to attend and vote at Association meetings;
  • be office bearers of the Association.