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Policy for including new links to the website

The links we include here to other websites have been specifically selected on the basis that the websites they link to provide information about person-centred theory and practice, counselling education, and counselling as a profession that could be of interest to our members.

Members may suggest to the Coordinating Group links that might be added to the PCT Scotland website. The Coordinating Group will decide which will be included based on a balance of the following considerations:

  1. Articulation with the person-centred approach.
  2. Usefulness to the membership in terms of counselling as a profession.
  3. The overall scope and content of the website suggested. 
  5. The professionalism of the website suggested

Links to other websites will be added sparingly.  A link to a webite will only be added if that website comprehensively fulfils most of the above criteria.  For example, the BACP website link has been included. The BACP website is not predominantly concerned with the person-centred approach, but it clearly has a wide scope of relevance to our members in terms of counselling as a profession and BACP is a professional organisation. It is included therefore because it meets three out of four of the critera for inclusion.